We provide professional ground and aerial video and images for residential and commercial real estate, insurance, business, social media and much more in the Cincinnati area. Please see our Facebook page for more samples of our work.


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Real Estate

Are you a realtor looking for awesome ground and aerial views of your client's home to showcase it's beauty when it's time to put it on the market.

Or you are the homeowner wanting cool photos and videos of your existing home.

Want an awesome aerial video timeline of your new home being built? We would love to help!

Commercial Businesses

We will take ground and aerial photos and videos of your building in the event you need to inspect for wear and tear, problem areas or following a storm for damage. We can access elevated areas in order to keep you safe and on the ground.

We can also get some great action shots of your building, your products and services for marketing and advertisement on your website or even for a tv commercial.


Has a client suffered a loss of property or does your company need to assess a potential investment?

A drone is a fantastic way to gain that desired aerial image, allowing you to quickly access hard-to-reach locations.

Drones are especially useful for assessing tall structures and large equipment that are many times difficult to inspect.

Construction Services

What are you building... A new business, a strip mall shopping center, a new home, or a new community? Let us come and help you showcase your project.

Whether you have safety on your mind or want an timeline. We can provide a view of the entire project and ensure that your employees are safe, especially when operating on elevated surfaces and around heavy equipment.

Let us take some footage of your personnel and heavy equipment in action. We can help you accomplish these tasks and many others that you desire.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies occur everyday and in the blink of an eye. Wouldn't it be nice to have a plan of action when that day comes?!

We can help you find safe and effective refuge areas when you are evacuating your building in the event of a fire, fire alarm, or even a hostile workplace event. We will also assist you in identifying the length of time it takes to perform the evacuation in order to workout any problems prior to an event.

Cincy Drone Pilot will assist you in performing aerial Search & Rescue operations for those involved in prolonged accident scenes, critical missing persons and following natural disasters and storms. 

Social Media

We will meet with you to discuss and provide you with an awesome, high quality presence on your social media accounts. Whether you wish to showcase your business in a single 5 minute video, or you want an entire series of quick hitting and high impact videos, we can help.

We help you get your message across to your followers and clients using such platforms as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and others. 

Keep your current clients and followers informed of the latest happenings and gain new clients by showcasing what your company has to offer.

Complete Ground and Aerial Services For All Your Needs

  • We are a small business delivering professional ground and aerial photography services in the Cincinnati area.
  • Our services are convenient for individuals and corporate business needs.
  • Founded by a local Cincinnati area Firefighter/ Paramedic.
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